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Direct printing of variable data on everything


UJF-3042FX ensures that you can respond to your clients requirements for single or short run digital printing enhancing a multitude of products (including molded items), substrates and media up to 50 mm thickness with personalised messages.

Head gap should be 1.5mm maximum

*Note: Head gap should be 1.5mm maximum of our recommendation.
For wider, please test in advance as print quality decreases when gap is wider.

Simultaneous white ink under and overprint

Print outstandingly colorful, bright images on transparent and colored substrates with white ink under or overprint that do not slow down print speed.


Staggered Print Head Arrangement

Fast and accurate printing with new print heads that accommodate full color and white in two lines thus doubling print speed.

*For SP, enable to insert White or Clear ink

Reverse print functionality

Select the order of overand underprint with white in RasterLinkPro5 (included standard RIP software) and the most efficient path is determined by the software.
Experience efficient high productivity without further operator intervention.



White over and underprinting

Without white ink as a basis for overprinting, the colors are not as vivid as they could be.


With the white ink overlay print, the image is bright and vivid.

Add value with layered finishes


Offer higher value prints to your customers:
Different layer printing enabling haptic surfaces will impress your clients.

Ink mist absorption filter

UJF-3042FX is equipped with Ink mist absorption filter for higher print reliability, consistency and quality.


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