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UISS: Enables long and unattended printing.

When one of the cartridges is empty, the machine automatically switches to the second cartridge of the same color. Operators can change cartridges "on the fly". A maximum of 1760cc (4x440cc) of ink (per color) can be loaded. This enables continuous unattended overnight printing.



High volumes and lower ink costs MBIS (Mimaki Bulk Ink System)

The bulk ink system using ink packs of aluminum achieves as stable and reliable ink ejection as printing solely with cartridges. It is possible to use both 2-liter ink packs in combination with regular 220/440cc cartridges for colors that are not so often used. In-end detection function to prevent misprints without ink is also available.The bulk ink system is an eco-friendly ink system that produces less waste while achieving continuous printing.

Stable high image quality printing with the AMF

The TS5-1600AMF is equipped with a feeding and take-up system (AMF) that enables smooth media handling for heavy rolls of transfer paper and thin and flimsy media up to 38 kg.


Head height adjustment to prevent head strikes

The head height can be adjusted up to 7mm. This prevents the print heads from coming into contact with the media that can deform due to high ink density.

The Drying Fan Enables Faster Drying.

The drying fan enables fast media take-up, even when printing at high speed.

Automatic nozzle checking

The automatic nozzle failure detection monitors the ink-discharging state from the print head and detects and cleans clogged nozzles.


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