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Plotter output
Just select the sheet material and its thickness.CAM LINK works to choose the most suitable conditions and then outputs them.

Importing from the DXF File
CAM LINK imports data created by the prevailing CAD-Software and is formatted by the DXF-FILE.
The Preview function is convenient to check the display contents.DXF format is compatible to Auto CAD R13J.

Setting up cutting conditions
You can set up any cutting conditions (cutting pressure, cutting speed, the number cuts, type of blade).Test-Cut Function is bundled to be able to quickly choose the most suitable cutting conditions.

Automatic sorting in order of cutting
This is to sort the ideal order of cutting from output data to the cutting plotter.

Output simulation
Enables you to check the order of cutting with the cutting plotter on display.

Setting up any order of cutting
You can change and set up any order of cutting.

The prevention function from over cut
Takes into account cutting shape and the thickness of the sheet to prevent from over-cutting.


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