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Tender texture

Soft-texture T-shirt that maintains breathability.

GP-604 Series uses a dedicated textile pigment (TP) ink. A softer finish which differs from thermal-transfer or silk-screen printing can be obtained.

TP (Textile Pigment) ink

TP Ink is safe and contains very low levels of formaldehyde. It does not impair air permeability or the water-absorbing properties of fabrics. Printed fabric keeps a very pleasant feel. Because of a special binder, only heating after printing can complete the job.

*Color fastness to washing differs according to the garment materials, etc.Please confirm the color fastness yourself by washing finished garments.
*Printed fabrics contain very low levels of folmaldehyde, please don't use it for baby goods.

Digital printing

Dramatically increase your profitability through the use of on-demand production techniques.

GP-604 Series uses non-screen and digital printing techniques which enable a designer to create samples and to support small lot production. Due to on-demand production workflow, redundant stocks are not necessary. In addition, screen storage space is not required because of non-screen techniques. Simply resize designs to match any T-shirt size. The print area is freely determined by the user. You can neatly print on garments, collars, and sleeves, which aren't available by silk screen techniques.

Discharge printing *GP-604D only

GP-604 Series

Enables you to print on a dark color T-shirt

An organically-dyed T-shirt can be bleached by chemicals. For the first time a newly developed discharge liquid supports ink-jet printers -- this allows printing on dark color T-shirts. Gradations are also perfectly expressible, which expands characteristics of an ink-jet printer.

*Discharge results depend largely on organic dyeing. Please make sure to make a test print of the garment beforehand.
*The concentration of formaldehyde in discharged T-shirts exceeds Oeko-tex Standard 100.Please wash all finished
products before wearing.

Discharging method

There are several discharging methods as follows:

GP-604 Series

[Printing only by discharge liquid]

Print the image by using only the discharge liquid.
Create a monochrome image as the original image.

GP-604 Series

[Printing simultaneously with color image]

Print the color ink and the discharge liquid simultaneously.If a colored T-shirt is printed with only the color ink, the image does not stand out. Printing by simultaneously using the discharge liquid removes the color on the T-shirt, and the color ink obtains good color development.


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